Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm standing (8 months pregnant) at the top of the stairs with my arms full of drapes, sneezing. Frank appears at the landing below the stairs...
Frank: "What are you doing?"
Dana: "I'm taking all of the drapes to be cleaned".
Frank: "All of the drapes? Why?"
Dana: "Frank, we've never had the drapes cleaned and we've lived here for 4 years, do you know what lives in these suckers?"
Frank: "Ahhhh Haaaaa, THIS is what nesting is!"

So there you have it, Frank's Ahhh Haaaa moment is indeed, me nesting. Not only do we now have very clean drapes, but we also have all new door knobs, a freshly painted office & laundry room, a new handrail for the stairs, new throw pillows on the couch, & new rugs in the kitchen. I haven't hit my fanatic clean everything with a Q-tip phase yet, but my girlfriends assure my that that is just around the corner. I appear to be in Phase 1 of nesting. I almost started to explain the drape scenario by saying it was something I always intended to do & just never found the time, but really I knew the moment Frank caught me in the act, I am nesting! The good news is, they really are things I have wanted to get done & just never found the motivation to do. And, so far, I haven't made Frank run to Riteaid in the middle of the night for diaper cream or anything totally irrational. Nesting not only facilitates the completion of 1/2 finished or odd ball tasks around the house, but it also serves as a little reminder that the long awaited bundle of joy is just around the corner.

Now that I've made it to the third trimester I have to say that it is by far the most fun trimester of all! The baby kicks & moves regularly which always makes me smile. It's the trimester you get to start thinking of & narrowing down names, the nursery starts to take shape, you meet with pediatricians & decide who will be your child's medical care giver, you get to take maternity photos (if you are so inclined), & you pack your hospital bag. Not to mention the overwhelming feeling of comfort in the fact that the organs are fully developed & the baby could come any day & be perfectly healthy. For those who have had pregnancy scares there is truly no better feeling. The excitement & anticipation elevates in the 3rd trimester & the pregnancy transforms into a very real thing. It feels as though the light at the end of the tunnel starts to rapidly approach. So bring on the nesting, we don't have long before we will add a wee-one to the nest! And, boy am I ready, clean drapes & all!!!

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