Thursday, August 27, 2009

Belly Pics

Now, from reading previous posts I'm sure you have an accurate impression of my daily struggles & frustration with my body. I love my belly, don't get me wrong, but its everything else that frustrates me. Having been pregnant for 1 1/2 years & really not being able to exercise during either pregnancy has taken a toll on my morale. There seem to be lumps & bumps in places I never knew could get lumps & bumps. My sweet husband always denies that I have anything but the "perfect" pregnant body, but when I point out an area that has never seen cottage cheese before he always reminds me that I have had a different path than most. His encouragement along with the many kind comments from friends & family members still isn't enough for the harshest critic of all, ME! I decided not to do maternity photos because in my mind, why would I ever want to remember such a frustrating time with my body. You have read the rest of my posts & know that those thoughts classify me in the temporarily insane category. Those thoughts really aren't ME. Fortunately I have a husband and a girlfriend who set me straight & talked me into doing maternity photos.

I found a wonderful photographer who works full time as a NICU nurse & does belly & baby photos on the side. I e.mailed her links to photos I found online & liked & she came to my house for the photo shoot armed with additional poses, a backdrop & an amazing eye behind the camera. We took lots of photos with & without clothes, with & without Frank & Maya (our dog) then headed up the hills to my parents home where we did some amazing outdoor photos. The entire experience was not only very comfortable but also a lot of fun. At one point she suggested doing some partially nude photos, I contemplated her suggestion, then said, "heck you see boobs all day long at work, why not". It turned out to be extremely liberating & resulted in some incredibly intimate & stunning photos of me & of Frank & me, all of which I will cherish. I truly think the photographer could make or break the experience & ours certainly made it! The next day she e.mailed me a link to her blog where she posted some of our photos & I literally burst into tears when I saw them. Having been so self-critical even I couldn't deny the beautiful images she had posted. It all sort of hit me that no matter what size you are used to pre-pregnancy & to whatever degree your body has changed during pregnancy there is no question that the pregnant body is simply beautiful! Immediately, I not only changed my whole Debby Downer perspective on my body, but felt an overwhelming boost in self-confidence. Doing these photos & seeing them on my computer screen reminded me that pregnancy is beautiful & special & the pregnant body (even your own) is meant to be loved & appreciated no matter what lumps & bumps have appeared out of nowhere. I e.mailed our photographer & thanked her for making the experience so comfortable & for literally boosting my beaten up body image. My husband replied to my e.mail (and made me cry): 'Sentiment expressed by Dana rings very true for me as well. Thank you for making this a great experience for my wife, now she can see how beautiful she looks with our baby. -Frank'

So there you have it, please do maternity photos. If hiring a professional isn't within your budget or your comfort level, have a friend or even your husband do them. You will not regret it & they will become a beautiful memory for you & your child of one of the most beautiful states your body will ever see.

Here is the link to Jennifer's blog. I hesitated letting her keep the non-clothed photos on her blog, then I remembered how much time I spend on this blog singing the "embrace you body" tune & decided that I better put my money where my mouth is. So, enjoy! And, again, enjoy your beautiful pregnant body!!!

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  1. Dana and Frank,
    Your images are incredible. You look absolutely amazing and the photographs are just stunning. They brought tears to my eyes as well. They show the love and support that you and Frank have found in each other and the beauty of this moment in your lives. You are gorgeous and I think even more so in this moment. I am proud of you for being brave, it paid off. I'm so happy you found a gifted photographer who has the talent for making couples feel comfortable. They are beautiful moments that will be treasured by your little one. I only wish I had a photograph of my Mum pregnant with me. I only one I have is of her out of focus in the back of someone else's picture.

  2. Hey Dana! It is me Skidmore! I have been checking up on your blog lately. I love it and I love your pictures. They are beyond beautiful. It was wonderful to see you and see your gorgeous round belly that is carrying such precious cargo. I think of you often and love reading your entries. You are going to be an amazing mother and I can't wait to hear all about it. It has been to long since I have seen you. I miss you tons and secretly wish that we were still hanging out like the good ol days. I am sending you my love and can't wait for the upcoming days and weeks. You are an amazing women. Always have been. Love, Tami


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