Friday, October 2, 2009

Baby Mooney

Dear friends of ours are losing their beautiful baby girl at 20 weeks due to a congenital abnormality. It is terrible that Frank & I can now relate on this different level, but knowing the traumatic experience & the grief-ridden aftermath they are about to face, I hope to be a support & a light of hope for them. Unfortunately, we cannot take back our loss & we cannot change their situation to make it better, so instead we are simply there for them as many have been for us. My heart aches, as the pain is still so fresh & present in my own life, & the only thing I could think to do was to write this letter:

Dear Raphael & Lailah,

Another Angel will be joining you this Monday or Tuesday. It will be 1 year this Monday since you got your wings & we know you have figured out the ropes upstairs, so will you please hold this Angel's hand and help her to feel at home. Please teach her to dance & to fulfill dreams & to do all of the beautiful things that you Angels do on a daily basis. Please show her how to appear in nature & in everything that is beautiful on Earth, like you have done so many times. Love her & take care of her like you do each other, since her parents will no longer be there to care for her. Remind her that she is loved deeply & will remain a very special place in many peoples' hearts.

Also, will you please watch over her Mom & Dad and help them to feel the warmth and comfort that you have done for us over the past year. Help them to heal & to recognize that they have not lost a child, rather they have gained an Angel. Please teach this new Angel to give her Earth-bound parents & sister signs that she is watching over them and is still a part of their life, like you have done for us. Please help her instill beautiful images in her parents' minds of where she is & what she is doing. And remind her that she will never be forgotten, because she will never be forgotten, just like you will never be forgotten.

We love you & continue to be so proud to be your parents!
Mom & Dad

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If you start from my first entry "The Beginning" you will hear about my life's tragedy.  Out of the ashes of this terrible experience I have formed a whole new outlook on pregnancy.  Throw away the pregnancy books, stop worrying and complaining about pregnancy symptoms, forget about the multi-billion dollar pregnancy & baby industry and simply enjoy the miracle of creating life.  I plan to write about this pregnancy process from a new perspective.  A wiser, more thankful, and hopefully not too jaded perspective.  Since I wouldn't wish my tragedy on my worst enemy I hope that women can learn from my experience and perhaps view their own pregnancies in a slightly different light.  Enjoy!  And, happy miracle making!