Monday, September 28, 2009

Comfy Baby

Spicy Food-- tried it, delicious avocado curry dish, no contractions.
Bouncing & rolling on an exercise ball-- nothing, except my neighbors' amusement when they peer into our living room.
Long walks/hikes-- everyday, nothing!
Sex-- awkward, yes, but tried it a few times, nothing!
Raspberry leaf tea-- not all that desirable on a 90 degree day, but drank it nonetheless, nothing!
Membrane stripping, 2X-- by my OB of course, ouch!
Warm bath-- that was nice, didn't work!
Couple sips of wine-- also nice, also didn't work!
Mow the lawn-- lawn looks good, baby still in belly!
Accupressure points-- great excuse for nightly foot massages, still nothing!

Baby C is just flat out happy & comfortable in my belly! Meanwhile, I have grown increasingly UNcomfortable. While I completely disagree with Octo-Mom & her irresponsible choices I now feel sorry for her physical condition as she neared the delivery of 8 babies. My stomach doesn't feel like it can stretch another millimeter & if it does, it might just explode. In fact, it is sometimes hard to tell if I am having a contraction or if it is just my taut tummy! I laugh at this post because it is truly a remarkable problem to have, I am ready, & baby is cooked, but he/she just isn't quite ready for the real world. I suppose I can't blame Baby for waiting until the last minute to grace the world with it's presence.

Part of me also wonders if our Angels are purposely waiting for October to send us this Angel. We are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of our loss and as it stands right now Dr. B said he will induce me on Monday, October 5th (yes, I know, crazy... that is the exact day our girls were born angels 1 year ago). While I think it would be an incredible sign from above, if the baby were born on that day, it is just not a day I want to "pick" for our Baby's birthday. It is Raphael & Lailah's day. A day I will never forget, a day that changed me forever. So as it stands we will induce on October 6th. However, if I make it through this weekend still pregnant I wouldn't be surprised if our girls selflessly share their day with Baby C!

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