Thursday, September 10, 2009


OK, I get it! I totally "get" Mumus! Never in the past has such an obviously hideous fashion trend appealed to me as much as a Mumu does these days. They are comfortable; they hang just low enough to cover up those parts that need not be displayed yet they are short enough to provide ventilation on even the hottest of days. They come in all sorts of bright colors & obnoxious (some might call them "fun") prints, because heck if you are going with a Mumu, why not stand out in the crowd? You never have to worry about having "fat" clothes or "skinny" clothes because a Mumu always fits just right. They are great for vacation, working around the house, or you could even belt it & wear it to work. They are fancy enough for an evening out but casual enough for leftovers at home. Front, back, side, the silhouette is the same, so no need to worry about angling your "good side" toward the camera for a picture. They make accessorizing easy & getting dressed fun. Don't ever worry about crossing your legs, the Mumu has you covered. They are economical, easy to wash, & the Mumu designers never change the style making them a timeless classic. With so many upsides it's hard to know why this fashion staple hasn't made it into my closet yet. So forget the Diane Von Furtstenburg frock & the True Religion jeans, I'm going Mumu!

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If you start from my first entry "The Beginning" you will hear about my life's tragedy.  Out of the ashes of this terrible experience I have formed a whole new outlook on pregnancy.  Throw away the pregnancy books, stop worrying and complaining about pregnancy symptoms, forget about the multi-billion dollar pregnancy & baby industry and simply enjoy the miracle of creating life.  I plan to write about this pregnancy process from a new perspective.  A wiser, more thankful, and hopefully not too jaded perspective.  Since I wouldn't wish my tragedy on my worst enemy I hope that women can learn from my experience and perhaps view their own pregnancies in a slightly different light.  Enjoy!  And, happy miracle making!