Sunday, June 28, 2009

6 years of wedded bliss

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary. It is truly amazing how time flies yet we have done so much and a lot has happened in six short years. We watched our wedding video last week in anticipation of our anniversary, one of our yearly traditions. It was such a beautiful display of our innocence & love for one another. While the love has only deepened our experiences have removed us from the blissful innocent state in which we once lived. Frank and I wrote betrothal letters to each other which were read at our ceremony. I couldn't help but get teary when mine was read as I wrote "I know we have many hardships and happiness ahead of us, but one thing will always hold true, life makes sense with you by my side." When I wrote that I had absolutely no idea that we would lose children or that pregnancy would be an immense hardship for us, but even in all of my innocence I had the foresight to know that the man I chose to marry would stand by my side through it all. I love him more now than I ever could've imagined then. Here is the letter I wrote to Frank, I think it is beautiful, amazingly timeless & a wonderful way to honor a man who has truly become my better half.

Frank- my lover, my best friend, my soul mate,

I still cannot believe I found you! Fate has brought me someone more incredible than I could never have known to ask for. You make me laugh and smile, you give me vibrance and beauty, you hold my hand and listen unjudgingly, you kiss me 100 times in one sitting, you look at me so proudly and sincerely, you are my voice of reason and the arms I will always run to, it is with you where I am safe and proud to be myself. You walked into my heart through the butterflies in my stomach and have become such a part of me it is tough to differentiate between where my soul ends and yours begins. I know we have many hardships and happiness ahead of us, but one thing will always hold true, life makes sense with you by my side. I cannot wait for the continuation of our life long adventure, it has already exceeded any dream a woman could conjure. Thank you for choosing me-- to our life as ONE!

I love you,

Happy Anniversary Baby, I love you!

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