Friday, June 19, 2009


I have been overwhelmed with support over the course of the last year from friends & family, near & far. I find myself in awe of their generosity, thoughtfulness & undying desire to help out. I've compiled a list of a few things my friends have been to me over the past few weeks.

A friend is...
...someone who takes your dog on a hike every morning at 6:45am, just so you don't have to feel guilty for not being able to take her yourself
...someone who text messages you almost daily just to ask how you are feeling
...girlfriends who throw a pedicure party in your living room
...someone who moves her "birthday lunch" to a birthday dinner at your house, just so you can be included
...someone who drops by a bouquet of peonies from the Saturday market
...someone who looks at your living room, notices that it is far from as clean as it normally is, grabs the broom & sweeps
...someone who does all the grocery shopping, cooking, & prep work for you when it's your turn to host dinner club
...someone who drops by their favorite chick flick collection
...a family who comes to your house & cooks dinner for all of you
...someone who calls just because they are in the neighborhood & are thinking of you
...someone who comes by for a visit
...someone who drops off items for lunch while your husband is out of town
...someone who works extra hours & takes time away from their life to compensate for your absence at work
...someone who sends you a gift in the mail just to make you smile when you receive it
...someone who brings by dinner to help take the load off of your husband
...someone who checks in via e.mail often
...someone who drops off their favorite movies, magazines & books to help pass the time
...someone who invites all of your girlfriends to your house for pizza while your husband is away
...someone who gives you a bright & vibrant hand made quilt to make your stay on the couch beautiful

Mostly a friend is someone who cares. My friends & family have showered me with support & love throughout losing the girls & through these past weeks on bed rest. Without them I simply could not survive. So, thank you to all of my amazing friends & family for all that you have done & for loving Frank, Me & Baby Grinnell!

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